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Gewinner - Best Commercial
Gewinner - Best Student Project


  • Regie: Dominik Bücheler
  • DoP: Markus Wastl
  • Lead 3D Artist: Anno Schachner
  • 3D & Compositing: Hendrik Fellinger, Thomas Schiefer, Sven Nussbaumer
  • FX Artist: Dennis Schmidt
  • Motiongraphic Artist: Thi Nguyen
  • Sounddesign: Felix Maringer
  • Licht: Pascal Hübner, Steffen Schlegl, Dominik Mayer, Sanel Ruznic
  • Produktion Assistent: Nina Pintis
  • Beratung: Toni Trauner
  • Produktion: Markus Kendlbacher
  • Kamera Assistenz: Cornelia Ohnmacht
  • Sound Consult: Tino Schleinitz
  • Maske: Valerie Rossacher
  • Bilder Museum: Robert J. Lang
  • Aufnahmeleiter: Andre Leubner
  • Schnitt: Jonas Wenzl
  • Making-Of: Patrick Kamalzadeh
  • Cast: Fee Denise Horstmann, Elli Steger, Daniel Huber, Monika Fallenegger, Hannah Sassnink, Aloys Riedelsperger, Valentina Pepic, Fred Kendlbacher, Franzi Scheirl, Paul Kristandl

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Our bachelor film is an fictional commercial for the body implant "Fi". A personal, digital assistant which is directly connected to the central nervous system. It takes care, that his users always have the important information in front of their eyes. With our bachelor film my team and I wanted to sell an orwell like dystopia with the look and feel of an lifestyle product. The viewer is deliberately left unclear whether this is a fictional product or to the next level of technological development. One should ask the question: Is a carefree life worth the loss of privacy?

The project is one of my ideas during my studies at the FH Salzburg. In the role of the director , I was responsible for the concept, the creation of the visual style, the staging and the actors.

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