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Gewinner - Best Foreign Production


  • Director: Murat Eyüp Gönültas
  • Technical Director: Yafes Sahin
  • VFX Producer: Tobais Müller
  • VFX Supervisor: Julian Weiss
  • 3D Supervisor: Fabian Fricke
  • Lighting/Pipeline TD: Vincent Ullmann


Jagon, an old hunter, roams through the gloomy woods to search for prey. At the roadside he finds a mysterious rosary. Suddenly he’s faced with dark, masked warriors, who are in search of a Saracen princess. Jagon doesn’t yet realize, that he will have to face an inexorable fight.

To give the film "Jagon" the power the director Murat Gönültas wanted to show, the use of VFX was essential.

To show a fight scene between the hero and his enemies a one minute long continuous shot was planned and executed. This involved stitching together eight separate shots of which two were full-cg which enabled us to do extraordinary camera movements.

Shortly after, a massive shockwave is unleashed by a main character. It puts an end to the final fight and also features heavy digital enhancements.

In the end we enhanced 1/3 of the 20 minute short film with VFX

My main responsibilities in this project as a Lead-TD was to tackle technical Problems. I was involved in Designing the Pipeline, developing Software, creatinf effect-Simulations, Motion-Capturing with a Virtual-Camera-System and on Set Surface-Reconstruction with the Usage of 12 Red and 20 Go-Pro Cameras.

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