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Nescafé Dolce Gusto - Drop Demovideo

Gewinner - Best Visualization


  • Modeling: Manuel Godetz, Hannes Kosina
  • Camera: Manuel Godetz
  • Morphing Scene and Animation: Philipp Zaufel
  • Compositing and Motion Graphics: Spiro Giochalas
  • Live Shooting: Roland Loibl
  • Producer: Elvira Weidinger, Klaus Fekesa
  • Music: Soundfiler
  • Agencies: Publicis Conseil, Vivid Brand

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Nestlé develops new coffee machines every year that are equipped with a wide range of innovative features. This year we present "Drop", a machine with a revolutionary design inspired by a drop of coffee.
This video is a mix of live action and CG. For appetite appeal the coffee close ups and preparation shots are real, everything else is CG.
The most interesting part was the morphing scene at the beginning where we morph the machine from the live action coffee drop.
This demo video is used for the launch of the machine in Nestlé sales areas around the world.

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