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Broken Apart

Gewinner - Best Visual Effects


  • Benjamin Philippovich
  • Mathias Kollos
  • Patrick Guendera
  • Lukas Philippovich
  • Clara Diemling
  • Philipp Strobl

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The short movie "Broken Apart" started as an application project for the film-academy vienna at the department of digital art and compositing. The film is about a breakup of a young couple told with the help of visual effects. The short was shot without any dialogue. The only form of communication is through the visuals. I wrote and directed this short film with the help of some collaborators who provided me with sound design, lighting and help with the actors to ensure a good acting performance. Besides the post production workflow, my main focus lay on camera and visual effects. To ensure a foto realistic look I relied on such tools as Maya, Nuke and Photoshop. The film was shot on a Sony FS-700 in raw, cut in Adobe Premiere and colour correction took place in Davinci Resolve.

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