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Starcraft 2 - World Championship Series

Gewinner - Best Commercial


  • art direction/concept art/modeling
    Philipp Comarella
  • layout/direction/modeling/animation
    Simon Griesser
  • graphic Design
    Miro Klasinc
  • sound design
    Thomas Jacob Czech

Bilder & Videos



When ESL asked us to produce an intro trailer for WCS 2014, we were elated. Immediately after that, we realized that we would have to deal with the fact that the previous year’s intro had been a cutscene from the magnificent Heart of the Swarm cinematics. How could our visual style fit in this context without making us and ESL look silly in comparison to the magnitude of what had gone before?

We resolved to avoid emulating the Starcraft 2 design. Instead, we tried to create a more abstract and sketchy gaming environment, one that focuses less on the fictional context of Blizzard’s game, and more on an intense gaming experience, one in which the player is depicted directing the battle.

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