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Gewinner - Best Game


  • Angerer Theresa
  • Baumgartner Rene
  • Götz Phillip
  • Kober Peter
  • Schranz Johannes
  • Wilke Konstantin
  • Windischhofer Wolfgang
  • Yürekli Ömer

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Noomix is a 3rd person action adventure with a strong focus on individual gameplay for Windows, Mac and Linux. You are Gordo the apetronaut, crash-landed on the fascinating planet of the noomies. Your spacesuit allows you to merge with those little witty creatures and use their powerful abilities. Help Gordo to use those powers wisely in order to leave for home again!

For Noomix I was responsible for creating characters, assets, visual effects and level design to some degree. The characters were modeled in Autodesk Maya, the levels, game-mechanics and effects were done within Unity3D game engine. Mudbox was used to get the details in the NormalMap and Photoshop for texturing purposes.

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