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Miele Bust Mapping (Generation6000)

Gewinner - Best Interactive & Crossmedia Art


  • Gerry Hahn (Conception, Art Direction)
  • Alexander Kvasnicka (3D Modelling & Animation)
  • Adi Markusich (3D Animation)
  • Andreas Holzinger (Motion Graphics, Compositing)
  • Mike Mandl (Motion Graphics, Video-Shoot)
  • Audio Device (Sound)
  • Sabine Korlath, Martin Seiter (Technical Setup)
  • Glenn Bristol (Documentation)
  • Christoph Muchsel (Model)
  • Paz Katrina Jimenez (Kostüm)
  • Patricia Minks (Maske)
  • BigSign (Bust Production)

Bilder & Videos



The basic idea of this show was to visualize the inspiration which affect a designer during the creation process. The focus points on the creative human being – his experiences and his environment influences his thoughts, his emotions, his creations. “People create for people” was another important slogan in this context.

Instead of using a real human, who would be very small projection surface for such a big audience, we developed this concept with a 3-dimensional bust in the size of 2,15m * 1,70m. (produced by Bigsign).

By using mapping technology we projected face and body recordings on this bust, and his thoughts and his experience-worlds were projected on a screen behind. The final result was a fusion of time, space, object, audio and video which leads into a 3-dimensional and extraordinary experience.

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