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Idea to Illusion

Gewinner - Best Student Project


  • Patrick Proier
  • Crane/Camera - Operator: Kristof Müllegger
  • VFX Assistent on Set: Georg Sochurek

Bilder & Videos



The VFX-shots of the Project „Idea to Illusion“ was part of my diploma thesis (2012). Goal of the Project was to melt down the borders of real world and CG.

It was an typical student "one man show" and i did all from pre-production over the shooting on set to 3D Tracking, Rotoscoping, 3D Modeling/Animation and the whole 2,5D Compositing and Visual Effects. (Even the 6m camera crane, the mobile green-screen walls and the studio where build by my own)

I worked 1 year on the Project and learned a lot of combining CG with moving realworld footage.

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