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The Wild Little World

Gewinner - Best Character
Gewinner - Best Visualization


  • Director, DOP, Producer, Compositing Reinhold Fragner
  • Editing, Modeling, Texturing, Sound Supervisor Martina Fröschl
  • Modeling, Texturing Mason Doran
  • Modeling, Particle & Fluid Effects, Compositing Simon Richter
  • Technical Director, Scripting, Programming Elisabeth Broneder
  • Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation Anna Celarek
  • Science consulting Manfred Walzl, Ingemar Jönsson
  • SEM Operator Rudolf Erlach
  • LSCM Operator Thomas Schwaha
  • CT Operator, Amira Modeling Stephan Handschuh
  • Rigging Denis Georgiev
  • Animation Snezana Cubrilovic
  • Animation Dustin Kimmich
  • Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Foley Artist Bernd Dormayer
  • Voice Recording Hubert Weninger
  • Narrator Lauren Cooke
  • Music Oliver Vendl
  • Producer Christoph Staber (Arx Anima)
  • Rigging, Animation Ben Lutz (Arx Anima)
  • Rigging, Animation Paul Pammesberger (Arx Anima)
  • Rigging Andreas Siboni (Arx Anima)
  • Animation Martin Hebestreit (Arx Anima)
  • Animation Nenad Mitrovic (Arx Anima)
  • Studio Management Dunja Bernatzky (Arx Anima)

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There are unfamiliar animals that live near us. Micro-universes are home to fascinating and lovely creatures. Every centimeter of land around us is a jungle of different habitats.

The most exciting animals of our world are also among the smallest. Tardigrades, also called 'Water Bears', are no larger then half millimeter! Yet they can survive extreme conditions such as radiation or a vacuum. They can even survive travel through open space.

In 'Tardigradia -- The Wild Little World' you will see an exotic world of plants and animals normally only visible through a microscope. Micro-universes are the ecologic spine of our planet. The latest techniques and the combination of different microscopic scanning devices will reveal astonishing details that few have ever seen. Come and discover all the exciting hidden little worlds on our planet!

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