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Friendly Fire Logo Motion

Gewinner - Best Commercial
Gewinner - Best Technical Solution


  • Particles, Animation:
  • Philipp Zaufel
  • Animation (Camera), Rendering:
  • Manuel Godetz
  • Hannes Kosina
  • Jennifer Wiesinger
  • Roman Saravia
  • Additional Animation (Camera)
  • Ben Lutz (Arx Anima)
  • Animation (base mesh - Hands):
  • Kris Staber (Arx Anima)
  • Paul Pammesberger (Arx Anima)
  • Modeling:
  • Manuel Godetz
  • Hannes Kosina
  • Compositing:
  • Spiros Giochalas
  • Valentin Struklec
  • Storyboarding
  • Concept Art: Emre Duran
  • Supervision:
  • Philipp Zaufel
  • Roman Saravia
  • Musik: Michael Fakesch

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The sequence developed during its realisazion process from simple hand-made animations to very complex and opulent particle animations. At the end it became a huge R&D project for our piplenine improvements and shows the possibilities of our mixed-tool pipeline. While a base mesh from Lightwave was animated in Maya, we added the complex particle animations in 3Dmax and assembled everything back in Lightwave where lighing, shading and rendering was done.
The sound track was created by the well-known sound designer Michael Fakesch.

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